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Association Publishing – atobpublishing
Association Communications

Association Publishing


Trade and business associations across North America derive significant advantages and ongoing benefits from using outsourced contract publishing services:

  • Additional streams of non-dues operating revenues
  • Enhanced public profile and image
  • Brand recognition promoting industry objectives, member recruitment
  • Effective efficient communications with member and vendor constituencies
  • Integrated print and digital communications directly targeted to desired audience
  • Platform for lobbying efforts on regulatory and policy issues
  • Reduced internal costs and staff time

A to B Publishing Inc. specializes in providing high quality magazine and directory publications for trade associations and business organizations in complementary print and digital formats.

Digital editions are delivered seamlessly across web and mobile platforms with enriched interactive content and embedded hyperlinks to supplemental web-based materials and resources. These publications offer additional value and promote greater responsiveness and sense of involvement by members, vendor partners and related industry groups. Our publications help grow an organization’s public profile, prestige and profitability.

About A to B Publishing

A to B Publishing Inc. delivers communications solutions through publications which strengthen an organization’s image with its members, vendors and the wider public. Magazines and directories are published in high quality formats integrated across print and digital platforms. These provide common ground and a meeting place for industry communities of interest. Our integrity, creativity and experience are important attributes in service to public organizations.

A to B Publishing

662 Dudley Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3M 1R8
Tel: 204-275-6946
Cell: 204-799-4229
Fax: 855-510-5801
Website: atobpublishing.com
Email: marcomap@shaw.ca